Zalo MiniApp: A superb customer loyalty tool

What is the Zalo OA?

The Zalo Official Account (Zalo OA) ecosystem is a multi-channel media and customer interaction platform built on the Zalo application – one of the most popular chat and calling apps in Vietnam. Zalo OA provides businesses with a broader scope to reach and interact with customers through features such as chatbots, advertising, bulk messaging, and customization capabilities.

The Zalo OA ecosystem brings many benefits to businesses, including the ability to build and manage a loyal community, enhance customer interaction, improve marketing effectiveness, and save advertising costs. By using Zalo OA, businesses can create a better interactive experience for customers, strengthen interaction, and build long-term relationships, thereby increasing revenue and fostering sustainable business growth.

Overviews of Zalo MiniApp:

Taking advantage of the widespread popularity of Zalo, many businesses have developed customer care systems called mini-applications on the Zalo platform, known as Zalo MiniApp. 

Moreover, implementing MiniApp through Zalo OA is an effective way for businesses to leverage the potential of the Zalo platform and create diverse interactive experiences for users. MiniApp refers to small applications integrated within Zalo, allowing users to conveniently access and use a business’s services and functions.

More importantly, implementing MiniApp through Zalo OA brings many benefits, including reaching a large user base, enhancing interaction and customer engagement, and providing better and more convenient user experiences. MiniApp also helps increase marketing capabilities and promote products, boost sales, and improve business performance.

Last but not least, by deploying applications via Zalo OA, businesses can maximize the potential of the Zalo platform, and create flexible and diverse mini-applications, ranging from providing online services, selling products, and customer care to community building and product marketing. From that, this creates a multi-channel interactive environment, strengthens interaction, and generates customer satisfaction.

If you still do not know where to start in building or creating your customer loyalty programs by applying the Zalo MiniApp, TESO – we are ready to help you out at any time. You can schedule a call with our expert here:

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