Referrals - an excellent tool for business branding

Features exclusive to existing customers,
make them your brand ambassadors
and build a loyal customer community together.

Loyalty App Customer Care Solution

Business-enabled features help increase sales significantly, improve brand value, and expand loyal customer lists in a sustainable way.

Simple operation
for introduction

  • Design the most effective mechanism with a variety of referral forms.
  • Customers can directly share information about the company’s products/services with friends and family.
  • Each existing customer will have their own personal referral code, which is used to identify the user and track the number of new customers referred.
  • New people register the app, enter or scan the referrer’s code and use services/purchase products of the business.

Integration of
social media platforms

Customers can easily connect the referral feature to any internal or external platform such as:

  • Message
  • Mail
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Zalo
  • Instagram

Attractive rewards

After a successful referral, the customer can receive:                                                                                  – Reward Points                                                                               
                                                                     – Discount

                                                                     – Purchase offer

                                                                     – Phone card

Customers can accumulate promotion points when referring more people.  

The program of referral milestones (3 people, 10 people): introduce to more people, the bigger the reward.

Simple way to get rewards.

Manage referral list and reward history


  • Review the list of people who have been referred
  • Statistics of reward history

Advangtages of Referrals Solution

We provide customer care loyalty solutions, an important tool for businesses to increase customer loyalty and improve business relationships.

Increase referrals

Referrals program allows existing customers to recommend a business’s products or services to their friends, family, and colleagues. This helps businesses increase their ability to promote and attract new customers effectively.

Increase sale revenue

Customers referred by their relatives or friends often have a higher conversion rate than customers who find the business in other ways. They tend to buy more and become more loyal customers. This boosts the sales of the business. 

Increase loyalty

Existing customers feel cared for and appreciated when they are offered a referral program. They also feel proud when they can recommend products to others and receive rewards for successful referrals. This promotes customer loyalty to the business.

Increase app interactivity

Referrals feature helps increase customer engagement with the app, thereby helping customers use the app more often.      

Save advertising costs

Businesses do not need to spend too much on traditional advertising costs for their products or services. Instead, businesses can spend money to improve customer experience or develop new products.

Increase credibility & reputation

Customers often have more trust with businesses that are introduced by acquaintances or colleagues. Referrals help build credibility and reputation with existing and new customers.

Our Customer

TESO is honored to be the Loyalty application solution provider for VitaDairy dairy corporation, the application called VitaDairy Reward, so far has nearly 1 million users, with 16,000 active users every day, generating thousands of conversions per hour and millions of conversions per month.

1 MILLION users

The VitaDairy Loyalty app we has developed for VitaDairy currently has close to 1 million users, with 16,000 daily active users.

7 MILLION conversions

Our Loyalty app has generated 7 million conversions and revenue-generating conversions for our customers.

50% growth

Loyalty app has directly generated 50% growth in new users and revenue each year for our customers

Some reasons why customers should choose our company to deploy loyalty app solutions:


We have many years of experience in the field of application development and implementation of loyalty app solutions. We have professionals with the experience and skills to ensure that your project is executed professionally and efficiently.




Services that we bring competitive prices, but still ensure customers will receive the best benefits.



We understand that each business has their own needs and that’s why we offer customized solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.



We are committed to providing the best customer support service, helping our customers resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We are always ready to support customers in the process of implementing and using our products.

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