About Us

Welcome to TESO

The best consultancy and partnership with exceptional services and cost efficiency for businesses. 

Who Are We

We are an IT digital development company specialized in advanced websites, applications, business systems with bespoke designed solutions for your business.

What Drives Us

We are driven by our mission to build a strong professional team with full capability and experience in developing solutions for businesses and clients.

Our long-term vision is to become a top technology partner, helping international businesses in their digital transformation journey.

What We Do

Our Holistic Approach



Before kicking off our projects, we scrutinize our clients’ current and future needs to understand the projects’ requirements thoroughly.



We strongly believe in a two-way communication approach, to help us define the underlying issues that our clients are plagued with. 



Once all needs and requirements of the project are laid out, we proceed to design a clear and personalized step-by-step strategy for the project.



Once our clients are in total agreement with our proposed strategy, our experienced and professional team of developers will work on the project, following its requirements diligently.



To ensure that the final product is excellent according to our clients’ expectations, we will deploy our work such that our clients can keep track of the live progress of the project.



The final product will only be delivered after several checks have been done by our team of developers, and when our clients are contented with the end-product.

Why Choose Us?

Here at TESO, we have a family of experienced digital transformation consultants, ready to lead your business’s digital journey.

With our team of professionals, customers will get the best user-friendly designed platforms and products.

We ensure that our clients will have their platforms operate to the best capabilities even after launch, with our outstanding after-sales services.

Our past projects are a testament to the tip-top standards that we uphold in our company. We have worked with clients from around the world and majority of them are satisfied with our work.

We are well known for our consistently high level of delivery and complex project management, our premier digital engineering talents, exceptional client focus methodology, and agility, creativity, and remarkable problem-solving capabilities.

We are constantly evolving to be better than yesterday, in our commitment and loyalty to provide quality products to our customers.

Some Numbers

These statistics shows our dedication and allegiance in the work that we do.

Satisfied Clients
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