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Zalo Mini App is a collection of “small programs” that run within the Zalo ecosystem. Zalo Mini App can leverage the existing features of Zalo as well as the advantage of having a large user base of the application.

Let’s take an overview of the Zalo Mini App creating process in order to in-depth utilize it: Here

With that being said, we are proud to be an official partner with Traphaco on their journey to develop a Mini App to interact with pharmacy agents as well as distributors on ZALO.

About Traphaco

Traphaco, or Traphaco Joint Stock Company, is a pharmaceutical company based in Vietnam. It was founded in 1972 and is considered one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country. 

Traphaco focuses on the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The company’s product portfolio includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, herbal medicines, and dietary supplements. They cover various therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular health, respiratory health, gastrointestinal disorders, and traditional herbal remedies. 

The Context

On top of that, the goal is to digitize and get closer to pharmacies and customers. Through this, Traphaco hopes to increase the loyalty of its nationwide distribution pharmacies.

Zalo is a popular and familiar platform for the majority of Vietnamese people, which aligns with Traphaco’s target audience, namely pharmacy agents in Vietnam. Therefore, most phone numbers are associated with a Zalo account, and users only need to access the Zalo app and select the desired MiniApp. However, only pharmacies that have been granted an account can log into this app due to security reasons and the vital connection to the pharmacies’ rights (such as viewing the original prices of products in the system, accessing benefits, participating in the Wheel of Fortune game, etc.). 

In order to build loyalty towards Traphaco, is the reason for the creation of the Traphaco Zalo Mini App. Through this application, the company has established a closed platform to manage and show appreciation to Traphaco’s pharmacy agents. 

The Solution

There has already been an existing version of Zalo MiniApp, and now there is a desire to refresh the interface and add some features to increase recognition, enhance accessibility, and improve the user experience for the target audience (pharmacies).


  1. Module Authenticator
  • Login
  • Forgot password
  • Change password
  • Logout
  1. Module Notifications
  • Receive notifications about successful order confirmations
  • Receive notifications about monthly benefit summaries
  1. Module Purchase History:
  • Look up purchase information within a specified timeframe based on individual needs
  • Two display mechanisms
  • Display by order: Show orders generated within the selected timeframe. A detailed view of each order is available, including invoice number, order date, purchased products, promotional items received, total order value, and order discount.
  • Display by revenue: Show the total value of all orders generated within the selected timeframe, along with a list of all products purchased during that period.
  1. Module Products:
  • Lookup information about the industry and available products in the Traphaco system
  • Product information includes name, price, industry, short description, detailed description, unit of measurement, and product image.
  1. Module Account:
  • Lookup monthly benefits
  • View total accumulated points/redeemed points on a monthly basis
  • Look through received/unreceived discounts on a monthly basis
  • Read detailed user information
  1. Module Home:
  • Navigate to different screens within the MiniApp
  • View list and details of monthly promotional programs
  1. Module Lucky Spin:
  • View instructions and rules
  • See the list of prizes
  • Participate in the lucky spin for a chance to win attractive prizes.

Application Design

The UI design of the Traphaco Mini App is contemporary and visually appealing, utilizing a combination of light blue and green as its primary colors. The clever utilization of whitespace creates a friendly and engaging user experience. Additionally, the navigation system of the app operates seamlessly, eliminating concerns about waiting times for users.


=> The Trạphaco Zalo Mini App was built, which is displayed as the above structure. As a result, the app will be more flexible, stable, and well-performed. 


More importantly, TESO ensures continuous communication and organizes regular meetings to ensure that all information and requirements are accurately and timely conveyed. TESO has demonstrated a high level of expertise in the field of application deployment. The projects we have worked on together have been executed with high quality and in compliance with international technology standards. TESO also possesses a clear understanding of the requirements and objectives, ensuring that the deployed solutions meet those requirements.  Flexibility and adaptability are essential factors in our collaboration. We have shown the ability to be flexible in changing and adjusting requirements when necessary while maintaining progress and work quality.

If you still do not know where to start in building or creating your Zalo Mini App, TESO – we are ready to help you out at any time. You can schedule a call with our expert here:

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