Mobile App Development Latest Trends In 2022

Mobile App Development Trends


Due to the vast development of smartphones, nowadays, most organizations count on smartphones to carry out their business operations. With millions of mobile apps on Android and IOS systems, the categories of apps are more diversified than ever. The main goals of businesses taking advantage of mobile apps are to improve customer experience and engage consumers. This article summarizes the newest mobile app development trends to assist your company. Here are outstanding mobile app development trends that you must know in 2022 and so on: 

1. 5G 

Despite the fact that 5G is still in its development, it is quickly becoming the new standard in mobile app development trends. It is now necessary for your mobile app to support 5G connections because of the user-friendly advantages of enhanced performance speed, quick data transfer, and decreased latency that 5G connections provide. According to Statista, in the years 2019-2027, 5G subscriptions are expected to skyrocket. Moreover, the subscriptions of 5G is estimated to be 4.39 billion globally at that time.

2. AI and Machine Learning 

The usage of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms will be critical in the drive to create tailored user experiences for mobile applications. Navigation, voice recognition, and NLP depend on artificial intelligence (NLP). Behavioral algorithms may improve security by identifying fraud, suspicious activity, and data breaches. Gartner Survey has shown that AI has been applied in some form or another by 37% of enterprises. Over the last four years, the proportion of businesses that use artificial intelligence has increased by 270%. Here are the top 14 artificial intelligence applications in 2022.

3. Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud 

The most important factor driving cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is security, which is becoming a growing issue for enterprises. Aside from cost savings, the Internet of Things and the cloud provide a number of additional advantages, such as better efficiency and expanded access to other platforms via APIs. Due to the development of 5G, the IoT market is predicted to be boosted in the next years, as it will link machines and devices with better data rates, lower latency, and improved availability.

4. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Instant Apps

Progressive Web Apps – PWAs are growing more popular since they fill in the gaps left by the majority of native applications and web pages on the market. They are becoming more popular among consumers and businesses alike, because of advantages such as less reliance on internet connections, quicker loading times, automated updates, and shorter development periods. Also becoming more popular, instant applications enable users to try out an app before downloading and installing it on their device. 

5.  Mobile Commerce

To improve the online purchasing experience for consumers, more firms are building native or progressive web apps (PWAs). Unlike e-commerce, mobile commerce (m-commerce) refers to online purchases performed through mobile applications rather than mobile web pages (also known as “e-commerce”). Currently, more than half of all customers now use their smartphones to shop. In addition, shopping applications rank 9th on Android and 5th on iOS.

6. Beacon Technology 

Since its debut in 2013, beacons have gained popularity in mobile app development, notably for retailers. Consumers have access to real-time promotions and notifications, as well as mobile payments (an essential element of m-commerce). Businesses may use beacons to learn their consumers’ buying habits and provide a more customized shopping experience. With its launch at the 2013 World Wide Developers Conference, Apple’s iBeacon dominated the market at first. Google Eddystone debuted in 2015. According to Research Dive, the worldwide beacon technology market will generate $45,213.7 million in sales by 2026, growing at a 75.4% CAGR.

7. Wearables 

Wearables are another approach to make your users’ things more efficient. Health and medical, exercise, aging, disability, education, transportation, and more where wearable technology is expected to have a significant impact. Individuals’ lives should be seamlessly integrated with technology and become an integral part of them. For example, users in the United States rated the ability to get alerts and messages on their wristwatch as the most important feature of wearable technology. Fitness monitoring devices have shown a favorable and rising trend in demand in the wearable industry, which coincides with an increase in health consciousness among the general consumer population. 

8. AR/VR 

A rising trend in smartphone applications is the use of AR/VR technology, and it’s worth keeping an eye on. For mobile applications like gaming, using AR/VR technology in smartphone apps is a growing trend worth watching. AR/VR will transform mobile gaming, entertainment, travel, and live video streaming. Customers may try on clothes, view a new couch in their home space, or imagine themselves on a fantasy beach.

9. Loyalty Engagement

Currently, one of the most common functions that many organizations count on mobile apps is to enhance customer engagement. As a result, mobile loyalty apps have been becoming the ultimate tool that most of organizations must have. According to this report, the worldwide mobile app market was worth USD 154.05 billion in 2019 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027.

Read more about the benefits of mobile loyalty apps in this article and Vitadairy Case Study – The first loyalty reward application in the Dairy industry in Vietnam.

Wrap Up 

In summary, this article energizes you to keep up with these mobile development trends. From that, your organizations can achieve lots of competition by making use of these trends smartly. These mobile development trends in 2022 reflect for upcoming digital transformation, which energizes you to start exploring these trends from now on.

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