Loyalty App: Why should each organization have its own one? 


Nowadays, integrating technology into customer care is of tremendous importance. Technology helps improve customer experience, enhance interaction capabilities, and manage customer information. It provides powerful data analytics tools to evaluate and gain a better understanding of customers. Applying technology to customer care also increases effectiveness and saves costs. All the mentioned features are concretely manifested through a loyalty app – a super tool that every business must have to optimize the customer care process. 

What is “loyalty”?

Loyalty applications are a crucial factor in achieving competitiveness and success in today’s market. Therefore, it is recommended to apply technology tools and strategies in customer care to create an effective business environment and better serve customers.

The application of “loyalty” in the business context refers to building and maintaining customer loyalty towards a brand, product, or service. Loyalty creates significant benefits for businesses as it denotes loyal customers. Loyalty helps establish a loyal customer base, meaning customers who frequently return to make purchases or use the services of a business. This ensures a stable supply of revenue and profit. Loyal customers not only bring immediate revenue but also have long-term value. They can become free advertising agents by sharing positive experiences, and referring friends and family to the business.

Examples of customer loyalty app

Loyal customers have become invaluable assets for every business. The implementation of loyalty apps is essential and a must for every business. Here are some notable examples of loyalty apps:

  • Starbucks Program Rewards: Through its loyalty application, Starbucks has successfully built an enticing membership program. It allows customers to earn points for every transaction and receive benefits. This program has fostered long-term customer loyalty and increased Starbucks’ sales.
The Starbucks Rewards Loyalty App
  • Sephora’s membership card elimination program: Sephora, a renowned cosmetics brand, introduced a membership card elimination program. Instead of carrying a physical card, customers can use a mobile application to earn points and enjoy personalized services. All of these features are integrated through Sephora’s loyalty application, enhancing convenience and interaction between customers and the brand.
  • Airline loyalty app programs such as Delta Airlines and Emirates: These airlines have loyalty applications where customers earn points for flights and receive perks like free baggage checks, seat selection, and access to lounges. These programs encourage customer loyalty and incentivize them to continue using the airline’s services.


In summary, the outstanding advantages that a loyalty app bring to businesses are:

  1. Customer Loyalty: Loyalty helps build a loyal and stable customer base. Loyal customers will continue to purchase and use the business’s products or services, as well as refer and encourage others to shop.
  1. Increased Sales: Loyal customers tend to make more purchases and have higher spending.
  1. Increased Customer Value: Loyal customers not only bring immediate revenue but also have long-term value. They can become free advertising agents by sharing positive experiences and referring friends and family to the business.
  1. Improved Customer Relationships: Loyalty helps build long-term relationships and enhances interaction with customers. Businesses can provide personalized services, better customer care, and meet the specific needs of each customer.
  1. Competitive Advantage: Loyalty helps create a competitive edge in the market. Loyal customers are more likely to overlook proposals from competing rivals and prioritize choosing products or services from the business they have become loyal to.
  1. Customer Data Development: Loyalty allows businesses to gather crucial customer information, which can be analyzed and applied to improve business strategies. Moreover, it enhances marketing effectiveness and creates products/services that meet customer needs.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, in today’s fiercely competitive business world, implementing a loyalty app is a smart strategy to attract and retain customers. The benefits that loyalty brings to businesses are significant, ranging from customer loyalty, increased sales, and improved customer relationships, to gaining a competitive advantage. With advanced technologies and rapidly evolving digital platforms, deploying loyalty applications has become easier than ever. Customers are becoming smarter and demanding personalized experiences. This is an opportunity for businesses to leverage and build a loyal customer base while capturing important customer information to strengthen their business strategies.

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