Automation Marketing

An amazing tool for businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts and offers a variety of features to boost marketing activities.

Loyalty App's Automated Marketing Solution

Business-enabled features help increase sales significantly, improve brand value, and expand loyal customer lists in a sustainable way.

Automatically reward
new members

                               Downloading the app and using the service for the first time,                                 customers will receive pre-defined incentives, vouchers, …                                     These rewards will be automatically sent to customers .

Automatically send notifications and messages

The system will automatically send notifications and messages to customers based on their behavior on the application, for example when they complete a transaction, gain a new membership tier, etc.

Automatically push important notifications

Events, incentive programs, … of the business will be automatically notified to customers. Customers can also review these notifications on the app.

Vouchers that are close to expiration will automatically notify customers so they can use them in time.

Special Day

On birthdays, holidays, Tet, other special days, customers will receive automatic wishes and exclusive gifts such as: incentives, vouchers, … Customers can use it to make purchases.

Analyze data and
make recommendations

Automatically analyze customer data and make recommendations to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. For example, recommending similar products customers have searched for to increase the customer’s cart value

Benefits of Automation Marketing solution

We provide customer care loyalty solutions, an important tool for businesses to increase customer loyalty and improve business relationships.

Increase engagement and create customer satisfaction

Create personalized marketing messages, based on customer buying behavior and preferences. This helps increase interactivity and create customer satisfaction

Increase sale revenue

Enhance customer loyalty and help increase sales through offers, promotions and bonus programs.

Save time and money

Save time and money in loyalty program management. Marketing activities and customer management are automated, increasing the effectiveness of the marketing strategy while saving resources.

Increase accuracy

Eliminate human errors, ensure the accuracy and precision of data and marketing activities. This enhances the effectiveness of the loyalty program.

Increase professionalism

Automation Marketing helps businesses increase professionalism and meet customer needs in the best way

Increased continuity & flexibility

Enables marketing and customer management activities 24/7 and helps to quickly respond to changes and feedback from customers.

Our customer

TESO is honored to be the Loyalty application solution provider for VitaDairy dairy corporation, the application called VitaDairy Reward, so far has nearly 1 million users, with 16,000 active users every day, generating thousands of conversions per hour and millions of conversions per month.

1 MILLION users

The VitaDairy Loyalty app we has developed for VitaDairy currently has close to 1 million users, with 16,000 daily active users.

7 MILLION conversions

Our Loyalty app has generated 7 million conversions and revenue-generating conversions for our customers.

50% growth

Loyalty app has directly generated 50% growth in new users and revenue each year for our customers

Some reasons why customers should choose our company to deploy loyalty app solutions:


We have many years of experience in the field of application development and implementation of loyalty app solutions. We have professionals with the experience and skills to ensure that your project is executed professionally and efficiently.




Services that we bring competitive prices, but still ensure customers will receive the best benefits.



We understand that each business has their own needs and that’s why we offer customized solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.



We are committed to providing the best customer support service, helping our customers resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We are always ready to support customers in the process of implementing and using our products.

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