Streamline Your Success: Campaign Management with Premium Account Rentals

Gain immediate access to high-quality advertising accounts and unleash the full potential of your digital campaigns.

Why Facebook & TikTok Ads Account Rentals?

Renting Facebook & TikTok Ads accounts provides immediate access to high-limit, trusted accounts, bypassing credibility-building and offering geographic targeting flexibility for quick market expansion and demographic testing without long-term commitments.

Instant Impact

Start your campaigns on the world’s leading social platforms without the wait.

Pre-Optimized Accounts

Leverage accounts with proven track records and optimized for performance.

Broaden Your Reach

Access diverse demographics and expand your brand’s visibility effortlessly.

Cost Efficiency

Achieve your marketing goals with less overhead and more flexibility.

Comparing TESO Ads Accounts and Regular Accounts

Self-served ad account

  • More difficult to pass the ad review process
  • Limited payment methods (credit card, bank card)
  • Limited daily spending
  • Cannot withdraw advertising balance
  • No direct support from Facebook Agency
  • Higher risk related to account blocking or campaign rejection
  • Ad campaigns are less optimized automatically
  • Increased bank fees, reducing advertising profits
  • Extremely high risk of hitting spending limits and account holds
  • The number of campaigns and ad groups is limited

Digital ad account

  • Priority support from Facebook
  • Unlimited campaigns or ad groups
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Exclusive refund policy and cashback at TESO DIGITAL
  • Technical support provided even without experience
  • Prioritized in Facebook’s queue
  • Easy money transfers between accounts in case of a block
  • More stable, with support for technical issues and strategies
  • No daily budget spending limit


Instant Active

Immediately active following the verification of the business

Specialist Support

Specialist support available upon request

Custom Solutions

Personalized, Custom-Engineered Solutions Designed to Precisely Fit Your Unique Requirements

Priority Assistance

Get prioritized Facebook/TikTok support by partnering with us.

Facebook/Tiktok Account: Ready in a Minute!

1. Submit information

Once you’ve provided your initial details, our team will conduct an in-depth review of your websites, products, and documentation to ensure they align with Meta’s policies.

2. Add funds to account

You’ll receive a link to make your initial payment. After you share evidence of the successful transaction with us, your account will be set up and ready to use within 24 hours.

3. Launch your campaigns

Our team will assist you at each stage, from the development and launch of your campaigns to addressing any challenges you face!

Our Customers

TESO is proud to have assisted over 100 clients in generating 30.000.000 users and facilitating 1 billion conversations world wide.

30 MILLION users

We have successfully assisted our clients in acquiring over 30 million users.

1 BILLION conversasions

We have facilitated our clients in engaging in over 500 million conversations.

300% growth

We have achieved an average growth rate of 300% for our clients.

Price Table

Valid until 30tg August 2024

Some reasons why customers should choose our company to deploy loyalty app solutions:


We have many years of experience in the field of application development and implementation of loyalty app solutions. We have professionals with the experience and skills to ensure that your project is executed professionally and efficiently.




Services that we bring competitive prices, but still ensure customers will receive the best benefits.



We understand that each business has their own needs and that’s why we offer customized solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.



We are committed to providing the best customer support service, helping our customers resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We are always ready to support customers in the process of implementing and using our products.

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