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What is ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an effective management system for businesses. How to manage the most efficient existing resources of the business, through system optimization accounting, finance, human resources, planning and production, trading, logistics management, reduce costs, improve productivity, efficiency … always the concern of business leaders. TESO has successfully developed an Enterprise Resource Management solution. TESO ERP is an optimal solution to help Vietnamese business leaders solve their problems.

Vietnamese businesses are now gradually approaching the ERP system. They realize the comprehensive management capabilities for businesses. With ERP, all activities of a company can be done on ERP. It can be said that ERP is the overall management software but it is the most cost-effective today. ERP helps businesses increase competitiveness and sustainable development.

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Enterprise Resource Planning included

  • information

    Control customer information

    ERP system stores customer information in one place. When the relevant departments need the information can be easily accessed. Some roles can edit customer information. In particular, the information will be updated regularly.

  • project

    Project management

    ERP testing and observing product quality processes, simultaneously planning and allocating time for each project.

  • financial

    Control financial information

    ERP is a place to gather financial data and information. Managers can access information easily. Look at the actual data and give an appropriate personnel assessment or business strategy. ERP can create financial accounts according to international standards IFRS, GAAP.

  • warehouse

    Inventory management

    ERP is aware of the warehouse data as the number of import quantity, import information and import rate. ERP helps businesses plan inventory activities.

  • teamwork

    Personnel management

    Thanks to ERP, employees can follow working hours, along with the workload of employees whether in different branches or geographic areas. From there, businesses can pay their wages correctly and on time.

  • group

    Communicate within the company

    Employees in the same ERP system can communicate with each other by chat to query information and exchange ideas. ERP is also capable of displaying an employee’s task or updating status from the departmental staff.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Data

    All data will be saved on Cloud. Customers can request larger capacity without incurring costs.

  • Features

    Depending on the needs of the business, TESO will provide the right features. In addition, TESO will also recommend other features to help businesses perform better.

  • Source code

    Customers will receive all source code after completing the product.

  • Account

    A business will have a lot of employees and work directly on the system. So TESO provides infrastructure that is NOT restricted to registered accounts.

  • Fees incurred

    TESO supports creating a registration account but NO fee.

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