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Building websites and consulting technological solutions for Salon & Spa industry

Why does Salon and Spa need a website?

1. Customers focus on the Internet

Vietnam is one of the countries with a high number of Internet users in Asia, people today have a habit of using the internet to search for services is no longer rare.

2. Showroom online

The hiring of expensive premises in the central areas is essential for branding. But today, having a professionally designed website and creating a new mark is the decisive factor for the professionalism of the brand.

3. Build your own brand

Brands must be displayed in cyberspace impressively, from logos, website layouts, brand identity, etc. These factors help your Salon / Spa brand be emphasized and attracted to customer.

4. Increase competitive advantage

Your competitive advantage will be confirmed when you own a website continually ranks the top google.

5. Easily respond to customers

When customers search for you on the internet and want to use your service, it is necessary to respond and exchange directly on the website because that is the factor of whether or not to use the service of our customers.

6. Business is maintained 24/7

A website that operates 24/7, even customers may be referring to your services at 2am. So a website that works continuously will help you constantly get customers to visit.

7. Your opponents already have a website

It is not difficult to find websites of major Salon and Spa brands through Google. So you also need to have your own website.


The services that we provide include

  • responsive-1

    Website design

    Teso specializes in providing website design services for Spa and Salon customers worldwide, especially in the US and Europe. We understand what a website for Salon and Spa needs.

  • smartphone-1

    Website compatible with mobile devices

    Website built by TESO will be compatible with mobile devices. Nowadays, almost all customers are using mobile to look up services, so a website needs required to be compatible with different mobile phones.

  • online-booking

    Booking Online

    With the online booking system, your customers can easily book your schedule and service anywhere and at any time.

  • promotion

    Manage services and promotion

    Manage services and promotion right on your website. Updated trends as fashion, hair, health care services, … with just few clicks.

  • clerk

    Customer management

    We build a customer management system that makes your business easier than ever.

  • star

    Polish brand

    The website that we build is always standard SEO and optimization of speed will help your brand consistently ranks the top Google.

Why should you choose TESO?

We have the factors that make you believe in TESO

  • handshake-1

    With over 200 customers worldwide, we are fully capable to build a complete website for your Salon & Spa.

  • piggy-bank

    With the experience of implementing many projects for Salon & Spa, we can minimize the cost of building solutions. You will have a world-class solution for your Salon & Spa with extremely low prices.

  • gear

    Efficiency is an important factor in building your Salon & Spa solution. Each business environment with different customer groups has changes and adjustments to suit that model. Therefore, optimizing technology solutions to achieve efficiency is very necessary.

  • start-up

    With the experience of implementing many systems in Salon & Spa industry, our deployment speed has been improved but still ensures product quality.

You want to build solutions for your Salon & Spa website. Let’s get started


The process of building our products is very simple

  • phone


    Please contact us directly via the hotline number, or via the registration form below.

  • strategy

    Get the request

    Our team of experienced deploy our solutions will contact and clarify the requirements construction website, at the same time we will also propose the most modern and optimal solutions.

  • technical-support

    Conduct construction

    Our team will proceed to build the solution and handover to your business immediately after clear the software requirements.


Our achievements

With more than 200 Salon & Spa in the US and Europe using our services, we have affirmed our capacity in deploying technology for Salon & Spa.


Salon & Spa in US and Europe


Top Spa in United States has used TESO services
Customers talk about us

There have been hundreds of customers using our service

Pricing and plans

We will give you an international solution with very cheap prices

Basic Package

Designed for basic requirements
3,500,000 VND
  • Economy package includes:
  • Interface available
  • Basic function
  • Content management function
  • Optimize keywords on Google
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Security and stability

Economy Package

Designed for high-end requirements, cost savings
7,000,000 VND
  • Economy package includes:
  • Customize the interface available
  • Integrate booking service online
  • Content Management
  • Optimize search keywords
  • Backup data daily
  • Lifetime warranty

Business Package

Provides high-end package solutions, complete for Salon, Spa. Suitable for large businesses
20,000,000 VND
  • Business packages include:
  • Customize the interface available
  • Integrate booking service online
  • Integrated social networking features
  • Integrated customer management features
  • ERP integration (warehouse and material management)
  • Content Management
  • Optimize search keywords
  • Backup data daily
  • Lifetime warranty

Business Pro Package

Salon & Spa wants to customize many functions, build own features suitable for your business
  • Business pro package includes:
  • Customize the interface available
  • Integrate booking service online
  • Integrated social networking features
  • Optimize search keywords
  • Backup data daily
  • Lifetime warranty
  • ERP integration (warehouse and material management)
  • Content Management
  • Free hosting the first year
  • Integrate additional features as required