Technological solutions for

Fashion industry


Building websites and technological solutions for fashion shops

The necessity of a website in fashion industry

  1. Customers are used to the internet

No one can deny the growth of online business is increasingly spreading in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Customers are always looking for information online to select a satisfactory outfit before deciding to buy.

  1. Online showroom

When online business comes to the throne, there is a nice area to display clothes that are no longer as important as before. A website is designed with sophistication, creativity, bringing its own mark in the fashion style of the store is an important factor.

  1. Separate brand

Sometimes a fashion store cannot make a stronger impression than other fashion stores. However, a separate website, a fancy logo, a catchy slogan can make your store different.

  1. Communicate with customers

Today, when shopping on the Internet becomes popular, customers hardly come to the store to consult, but they find it more convenient to message directly to the fashion store they like through the chat frame website. Or call directly if there is no phone charge. Since then, shop owners can send pictures of samples, sizes, and prices immediately.

  1. Open 24/7

Customers sometimes want to buy things very late or very soon, so having a website is essential. The shop owner can lock the goods at any time just having a smartphone on hand. Therefore, store opening time can shorten cost savings for business owners.

  1. Increase competitive advantage

Today, fashion stores are always trying to build their brand through websites on Google or Facebook. So businesses without websites will be a disadvantage in business. Having a website that is always in the top Google right now to increase can maximize operational efficiency.


The industry sectors we served include

  • responsive-1

    Website design

    TESO specializes in providing website design services for fashion stores with customers around the world especially in Europe and America. We understand a website for what a fashion store needs.

  • smartphone-1

    Web compatible with mobile devices

    Website built by TESO will be compatible with mobile devices. Today most customers use mobile phones to look up services, so a website needs to be compatible with different phone lines.

  • online-booking

    Online Booking

    With the online booking system, your customers can easily order your products and services anywhere and at any time.

  • promotion

    Service and promotion management

    Manage services and promotion right on your website. Update the latest fashion trends that your business has just entered with a few clicks.

  • clerk

    Customer management

    We build a customer management system that makes your business easier than ever.

  • star

    Polish brand

    The websites we build are always SEO and optimal speed will help your brand always top Google.


TESO, the top choice for your business

  • handshake-1

    With more than 200 customers around the world, we fully have the experience and ability to perfect the website for your fashion store in the best way.

  • piggy-bank
    Cost savings

    Through previous projects implemented for the fashion industry, TESO will help businesses to minimize construction costs. You will have a trendy fashion site with extremely affordable prices with TESO after-sales policy.

  • gear
    High efficiency

    TESO knows that customers for each industry are different, so changing the interface to suit each industry and fashion is the same. Therefore, website optimization for each business is always appreciated and continuously developed by TESO.

  • start-up

    Through the experience that TESO has combined with foreign businesses in the fashion industry, we are increasingly improving the speed of web making but still ensuring the quality for each website.

You want to build a technology solution for your fashion business today. Please contact us!


The process of building our products is very simple

  • phone


    Please contact us directly via the hotline number, or via the registration form below.

  • strategy

    Get the request

    Our team of experienced deploy our solutions will contact and clarify the requirements construction website, at the same time we will also propose the most modern and optimal solutions.

  • technical-support

    Conduct construction

    Our team will proceed to build the solution and handover to your business immediately after clear the software requirements.


Our achievement

With over 200 fashion stores in the US and Europe that have used our services, TESO has affirmed its qualifications in building technological solutions for the fashion industry.


Fashion stores in the US, Europe


Top fashion stores in the United States have used TESO services.

A hundreds of customers have come to TESO to find technology solutions for their businesses.

Pricing and plans

We will give you best international solutions with affordable price.

Basic Package

Designed for basic requirements
3,500,000 VND
  • Economy package includes:
  • Interface available
  • Basic function
  • Content management function
  • Optimize keywords on Google
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Security and stability

Economy Package

Designed for high-end requirements, cost savings
7,000,000 VND
  • Economy package includes:
  • Customize the interface available
  • Basic function
  • Content Management
  • Optimize search keywords
  • Backup data daily
  • Lifetime warranty

Business Package

Provides high-end package solutions, complete for Fashion. Suitable for large businesses
20,000,000 VND
  • Business packages include:
  • Customize the interface available
  • Integrate booking service online
  • Integrated social networking features
  • Integrated customer management features
  • ERP integration (warehouse and material management)
  • Content Management
  • Optimize search keywords
  • Backup data daily
  • Lifetime warranty

Business Pro Package

Fashion wants to customize many functions, build own features suitable for your business
  • Business pro package includes:
  • Customize the interface available
  • Integrate booking service online
  • Integrated social networking features
  • Optimize search keywords
  • Backup data daily
  • Lifetime warranty
  • ERP integration (warehouse and material management)
  • Content Management
  • Free hosting the first year
  • Integrate additional features as required