38 degree flowers market tea house is a business model with a chain of 10 flower shops along with a space to enjoy unique and exquisite coffee, realizing the saying “eat cake – drink tea – enjoy flowers” from thousands years ago. With the desire to help customers choose the best bouquets in the most convenient way, besides the pre-packed bouquets with a variety of different models displayed in the store, 38 degrees also develop a website system to help our customers get a fresh bouquet of flowers, exactly with the sample you just selected by booking.

38 Degree Flowers Market Tea House
Provide imported flowers and drinks with affordable prices


In order to fulfill the mission of handing to customers the fresh flowers like they are just harvested from fields is a big problem in the chain of businesses, while ensuring the process of placing and buying flowers takes place smoothly on the website is another a difficult problem to solve. How can the website smoothly handle thousands of orders at the same time but still ensure stability and quality of flowers in the shortest amount of time.


This is a problem that needs to be thoroughly overcome. For example, in the peak hours, many customers order flowers every hour have to face the overload problem, or customers who have chosen their favorite products but have to face with bugs during the booking process lead to delayed delivery of flowers or withered flowers. Many of these problems are likely to cause stagnation, affect the remaining “links” in the business, cause to the result of losing customer faith about convenient and fresh flowers delivery “promise” that the brand said.


In the case of 38 degrees, the problems that businesses are facing are completely solved by TESO like load balancing to help the the website still able to interact well and stable operate stably at peak times, especially holidays, Tet, … Adjust the web interface friendly, flexible and eye-catching to attract the large amount of traffic to the website. Collecting customer interaction data on the group to classify the website and finally using website design services performed by TESO team.

TESO creates a website design solution with a friendly interface, but still remain the style and uniqueness of the brand. Intuitive interface helps customers use without any instruction. Beside that, TESO also provides many features for business website to help users have a better experience and see the professionalism of the business more clearly with cost saving and optimal power from the website.


After using the website design solution from TESO, according to 38 degree store management statistics, the amount of customers come to the store to buy flowers directly just reach the numbers of 5 to 7 turns but there are thousands of order through the website at the same time. Now, the system can handle more quickly and accurately, helps the delivery of flowers to customers shortened within 1-2 hours and quality is guaranteed as committed to customers.