Puzzle Studio (Le Dang Hung co., Ltd) is a Vietnamese company with a team of young leaders, enthusiastic and innovation to provide diversity and flexibility in all design solutions & interior construction for customers. We specialize in consulting the Public Housing, Services & Trade Office to the advantages of competition as creative solutions, quick service, cost-effective, job responsibilities make satisfaction to customers line.

Puzzle Studio
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


On development of society, progress on building the more wide open with large scale along with it the demands on design and interior construction higher and more aesthetic requirements. That has led the design and construction of the furniture industry has become characteristic. For Vietnam, this industry is a fertile market much attention from many large and small businesses. Puzzle Studio is one of the company’s young company design industry and interior construction, so that they also have difficulties in the operation and management of the company, as well as difficulties in providing services for customers.

The problems in the management of the Executive, is the problem for the CEO of Puzzle Studio when the team making the company difficult. Besides, problems occur in the process of design and interior construction for effective management processes, for which the works are currently handled manually through excel and record. It can be seen in the data requires precise construction to provide customers in order to create trust will have gaps when staff inexperience or cause errors. And can affect the goals that the company towards.

Recognizing this, Puzzle Studio believe you need to have timely solutions and the best side that is a technology solutions.


For problems finding technology solutions for project management on behalf of manual tools such as Excel and hand records, CEO of Puzzle Studio has partnered with TESO building management system overall CRM. TESO has developed a CRM system with two main features to solve the problem of Puzzle Studio as follows:

  • Feature management work progress: In order to manage the exact date of start contracting, date design, construction date, the date of transfer payments are phased system and calculate the exact number of days according to specific formulas. Bring faith to the client from a system technology.
  • Manage customer information: with the function to retrieve customer information easily, helping the team can follow sales and customer care is easy.

Not a technology company public can also meet all requirements of customers with the full integration of the different features in the CRM system, but still have to keep the interface very intuitive and easy to use as the TESO provided.

Also, TESO is integrated SEO tools on the website to help businesses furniture service users to achieve top Google more often, increasing search capabilities of customers, improve operational efficiency as well as business enterprise revenue.


Currently, Puzzle Studio are gaining sales from contracts with various projects such as: The Café, Louis Property; Center for Japanese Kohi, Chamichi milktea … and become a company that designed and constructed internally in informal prestigious customers eyes.

With management system, TESO has been partnering with Puzzle Studio to gradually complete CRM product with full features for managing work progress from the date of signing to the date of completion of the parameter’s accuracy, in addition to information management features to support client companies can provide customers with the best service.

After building the system TESO CRM, the difficulty of the puzzle in the management and administration of the company is resolved to manage all activities of the enterprise through a single tool interface is extremely simple. Construction services CRM System TESO has created value without any technology company to do.


“The furniture industry is the easthetic industry, so building a suitable website is really difficult. But TESO has helped us to do what is more than expected.” – CEO Puzzle Studio