Cooper & Co is an enterprise founded by Quynh Tran – a young girl born in 1985. Although she has experience in the fashion industry in the US market, Quynh still decided to return to Vietnam to start-up her own business. “ The direction of Cooper&Co is to bring a youthful fashion trend into suits for young people, this is a niche market with a fairly wide market share”, Quynh said.

Cooper & Co
Fashion Industry
Customer relationship management (CRM)


As a new business in the fashion industry, Quynh has a lot of difficulties in culturaldifferences, finding ways to approach customers, how to work with her team, and finding trusted partners. In particular, the management of the entire system of business activities is the top concern of Quynh’s company.

Management and administration issues in the enterprise are making Quynh helpless when there are a series of requests from employees, goods, and customers. Leaving a new and less-experienced employee like Cooper & Co to list daily staff lists or synthesize details of goods in stock is a difficult task.

In addition, to collect customer information accurately from personal data to measurable data, that challenge poses a significant obstacle to the process of meeting the goals that Quynh’s company is planning to achieve. Therefore, it is imperative to find a suitable technology solution right now.


For data information management, CEO Cooper & Co has cooperated with TESO to build a CRM overall management system. TESO has created a technology solution with features that perfectly fit all statistical requirements, summarizing Quynh’s information so that the young CEO can focus on developing other important projects.

Not all technology companies can meet all customer requirements with the full integration of various features into the CRM system, but still have to keep the interface intuitive and easy to use. Quynh is so lucky to trust TESO! TESO has a talented and experienced team to improve all customer requests from simple to complex.

Besides the usual system management functions, the fastidious CEO also requires TESO to integrate customer search tools, improve the process of creating and receiving orders and some other applications and TESO never says “no” to any customer needs and wants.


In 2018, Cooper & Co had double revenue compared to the previous year and the number of customers was quite stable. More successful, Cooper & Co has been sought by international brands such as Catier watches, wine … to collaborate in product launch events with successful entrepreneurs and luxury customers.

With the overall management system, TESO has been cooperating with Cooper & Co to gradually improve CRM products with full features from employee management,warehouse management, order management, and other activities. Some more highlights of TESO CRM such as reporting, finance, order creation and customer resource management – the biggest concerns of CEO Cooper & Co.

After building the TESO CRM system, Quynh was able to safely manage all operations of the enterprise through a single tool with extremely simple interface. The service ofbuilding TESO CRM system has created valuesthat no technology company can do.