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What is offshore development?

Offshore Company is a very effective and convenient for the commercial operations of multinational enterprises or associated with foreign countries.

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Some basic benefits that the peripheral development center can give you

  • Investing and establishing companies in foreign countries

    Vietnamese companies can go through offshore companies to indirectly build enterprises in foreign countries or representative offices with tax exemption, limited liability functions,… to be applied to offshore companies.

  • Import and export trade

    If there is an offshore company as a middle-class company, we invoice or purchase goods from Vietnam to indirectly sold to foreign countries like Europe or America. That can bring higher profits through price competition with how to import and export directly.

  • Rescue solution

    When using offshore companies, it will limit investment risks rather than directly using the parent company to establish a subsidiary. When an incident occurs, offshore company is the savior to help you get out of danger.

  • Buy foreign stocks and securities

    When using offshore companies to buy stocks and bonds not only has high security, avoid exposed personal documents but also tax exemptions. The listing of securities has also become easier with many incentives abroad.

  • Owns exclusive copyright and brands

    When using offshore companies to own trademarks, copyrights and monopolies. It can both exempt tax profits and avoid being affected by foreign legislation. Can enjoy many tax incentives when transferring profits to the country.

  • Buy foreign insurance

    In the business process, investors often have to buy insurance with very high prices in the country. For offshore companies, you can purchase insurance of global quality but very cheap and convenient.

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