Data Can Help Your Program in Five Ways

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Using the most complete reporting system in the field of online proctoring

You can make better data-driven decisions to improve the performance of your proctoring system now that you have access to new reports and analytics. Data related to test integrity, the test-taker experience, and technical issue resolution is tracked, analyzed, and reported by our system. We’ve been providing data for individual exam administrations for years, but we just expanded the scope of data that administrators and exam facilitators can access. Performance Insights, a new reporting tool, gives you a clear picture of what’s going on across all of your exams. It also compares your complete testing program’s metrics to the global TESO average. You may now view how your examinations stack up against one another and against benchmark data from all of our partners.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ways you can use this information to improve your online testing program now that you have it.


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Constant improvement is essential for long-term success. You can discover at a glance which aspects of the testing experience could be improved with Performance Insights. How? Let me give you an example: Unpermitted resources are removed from 57 percent of exam sessions with a live launch before the exam begins. If an exam or department reports higher than the national average, it could mean one of several things:

  • Perhaps the test takers were unprepared for what is and is not permitted in an exam.
  • Perhaps the items listed in the exam settings did not include all you wanted test takers to have access to.
  • There could be a serious issue with test takers seeking an undue advantage.

You can simply identify where current interventions or proven breaches are trending to rule out the third option. If those figures are falling below the national average, there’s most certainly a problem with test-taker education or exam conditions. We can then collaborate with you to make any necessary changes to test-taker instruction or exam settings.


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Have you ever desired to increase the use of online testing or proctoring but didn’t have the evidence to back it up? Administrators can now see data that verifies the success and usefulness of their online tests and programs thanks to Performance Insights. This makes it simple to spot successful courses, departments, and programs, providing evidence to back up the case for expanding online offerings.


Do you know the old proverb that says you can’t please everyone? Unfortunately, this includes proctoring and testing. We’re sure you hear some complaints if you’re an exam facilitator or administrator. Although most individuals despise taking tests, did you know that 86% of test takers are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their TESO experience?

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When you receive a complaint, you can now utilize our guided analytics to get a complete picture of what occurred — for all test-takers in the exam, for everyone across all exams on the same day of the complaint, or for the individual who reported a problem. Was it simply one test-taker who had a bad day, or did everyone have a bad time? Was it a particularly busy time that pushed up wait times? Was there a technical problem with the person? Perhaps there is a valid problem or room for improvement. Perhaps one of the test-takers was simply having a terrible day. What’s the bottom line? You can validate or invalidate a complaint in a matter of minutes, and if necessary, implement a solution.


To prevent a compromise of integrity, around 12% of exam sessions require active intervention. There is a proven integrity breach in around 0.4 percent of exam sessions. You may now readily determine if an individual exam or department is exceptionally high (or low!) relative to the norm, in addition to examining how your program ranks across all exams as a whole. The Performance Insights can help you figure out if there’s a problem and if it’s isolated or systemic.


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We take responsibility for your exams and test-takers when we proctor an exam. To the test-taker, we become the face of your software. We’re in charge of maintaining exam integrity, sustaining an institution’s or testing program’s worth and credibility, safeguarding exam material, and ensuring that test-takers have a positive testing experience. While you can trust us when we tell you what kind of job we’re doing, our reporting tools give you complete transparency so you can see for yourself the good and the bad.

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